Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Fundamental Data Types of IA-32 Architecture

 What is a byte, words, double words, quadwords and nibble in computer memory.
Before we go on further into assembly language lets understand what are the different units in computer memory. 

What is a byte?    It is a collection of 8 bits

What is a word?    It is a collection of 16 bits (2 bytes)

What is a double words?  It is a collection of 32 bits ( 4 bytes)

What is a quad words?     It is a collection of 64 bits ( 8 bytes)

What is double quad words? It is a collection of  128 bits (16 bytes)

It is also shown below graphically.

Graphic taken from "Introduction to intel x86 Assembly, Architecture, Applications & Alliteration-Xeno Kova ("

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