Sunday, January 25, 2015

Dangers of doing business in the global village

IT security small business leaders have to deal with a lot of data points and business decisions everyday. One of those business decisions is new business development and contracts. Whenever IT security business is looking at new business they always come across the traditional "low-baller" or "time-waster" or "predatory" person selling non-existent IT security opportunities. You can read about those at James blog here.
These persons are also dangerous to your business because they take your personal information and transmit that to different parties. Since most of these body shops are located in SE Asia without any understanding and respect for Western small businesses, their low rates and constant emails and calling is a burden to your small business. Once you get on their mailing list, it is next to impossible to "opt-out" of their mailing list. I hope congress can categorize these time wasters in the same category as spammers. More on these scam artists and predators here.

All small business leaders have to deal with such dangers every day and have acquired skills to avoid wasting time on such hopeless endeavors.

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